Benefits of oils for the skin

I started making soap, shampoo bars and other skincare products for my personal use. The initial thought process was to get rid of those bottles if body wash, shampoo and other sitting in my shower and going to the trash. But I also have a very sensitive skin, and even luxury brand items would cause rashes on my face after a couple of applications. That's when started looking into the ingredients, especially oils as they're the main ingredient. 

It was so overwhelming! I knew about olive oil and its benefits as I grew up seeing my maternal grand-mother using it on her body daily. But what about the other ones? 

So there you go, here are a few of the oils used in our products, and why:

Argan oil

Argan oil is made from the kernels that grow on the organ trees native to Morocco. Argan oil has been traditionally used both topically and orally to improve the health of skin, hair and nails. it contains several beneficial properties and vitamins that form a powerful combination to boost skin health.
Protects from sun damage: Moroccan women have long used organ oil to protect their skin from sun damage. The antioxidant activity in organ oil helped protect the skin against free radical damage caused by the sun, preventing burns and hyperpigmentation. According to, this may even help prevent against the development of skin cancer, including melanoma.
Moisturizes skin, largely thanks to  its abundance in Vitamin E which is a fat-soluble antioxidant that can help improve water retention in the skin.
Antioxidant & anti-inflammatory, it helps reducing symptoms for a number of different inflammatory skin conditions like psoriasis & rosacea.
Treats acne: Agran oil has anti-sebum effects, which can effectively regulate amounts of sebum on the skin. This can help treating different kind of acne & promote a smoother, calmer complexion.
Anti-aging effects: Organ oil has long been used as an anti-aging treatment. Though it was only ever supported by anecdotal evidence, a recent study with postmenopausal participants was able to back up this claim.


Sweet Almond oil

Ancient Chinese and Ayurvedic practices have used almond oil for centuries to help soothe and soften skin and to treat minor wounds and cuts, and reduce scaring.
Reduces puffiness and under-eye circles: Because almond oil is an anti-inflammatory, it may help ease swelling of the skin. Almond oil also contains, retinol, vitamin E, and vitamin K, which can keep the delicate skin under your eyes smooth without irritating it. These naturally occurring ingredients may also help contract the dilated blood vessels that are causing the discoloration.
Improves complexion and skin tone: Due to its emollient properties, almond oil has the potential to improve both complexion and skin tone.
Treats dry skin: Almond oil has been used for centuries to treat dry skin conditions, including Eczema & psoriasis.
Improves acne: The oil's fatty acid content may help dissolve excess oil on the skin, while the retinoids in the oil may reduce the appearance of acne and improve cell turnover.
Helps reverse sun damage: Animal studies have shown that vitamin E, nutrient present in almond oil, may help reduce damage to the skin caused by UV exposure.

Rosehip seed oil

This powerful skin nourisher is one of the top anti-aging oils. It's extracted via a cold press method from the seeds of a specific rose variety, predominantly grown in Chile.
This oil is rich in essential fatty acids and contains vitamins E, C, D, and betacarotene. Concentrated goodness, it helps to protect & hydrate skin, fight free radical damage and reduce wrinkles. Also, the vitamins and antioxidants rejuvenate the skin to restore elasticity, help to correct dark spots and reduce the appearance of scars.