How it all started

My name is Andreane Kolakowski. I was born and raised by the Mediterranean Sea, in the region of Nice, France. I grew up eating home-cooked meals made with fresh ingredients, olive oil, herbs, all grown under the French Riviera sun.

I moved to Arizona in my early 30's, ready for a big life change, and what a change it's been! After 15 years thousands of miles away from the sea and what I had known my whole life, I felt the need to reconnect to my roots and started growing an aromatic garden on the side of our house. Then all the scents came back... lavender from Provence, immortals from my summers in Corsica, thyme, oregano, rosemary, basil. And because it's Arizona, it all started growing so profusely that I couldn't cook enough or gift enough around me to keep up with the pace of the harvest. That's when I started thinking of other ways to use the wholesomeness I was organically growing was making me feel so good just by smelling all the aromas in my backyard. A mosquito repellent was my 1st shot, as it was Spring.

It became obvious from there: my husband and I enjoy cooking and eating wholesome food, why not find the same satisfaction on other daily products? That's how Kola Life Designs started: let's treat our body well inside and out, using minimally processed products, natural ingredients, organic as much as possible, to make us feel good and awaken our senses.

Today I use organic essential oils and other therapeutic grade ingredients to make soaps, shampoos and other skin care products.

Because after all, selfcare is the 1st step towards happiness.


Andreane Kolakowski